3D Printing – Noblin

Noblin of Aphid City


One of the many denizens of Aphid City.

This fellow is printed in 5 parts and stacked up.

3D printed using Elegoo Mars Pro.

And he also exists over at My Mini Factory.

Below are some images of Noblin’s creation.

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Noblin and Blender
Noblin at Export

All parts are built virtually in Blender. Then each part is exported as a separate STL. Then brought into Chitubox, for arranging and slicing.

Noblin parts
Noblin head

It takes some trial and error to get the parts laid out, plus supports have to be designed. Fortunately, Chitubox does most of the support designing for you. This is also where models can be hollowed out to make them lighter and to save on resin – the Noblin head is hollow.

About Noblins: To most, all noblins appear to be identical. Much in the way all birds in a flock seem identical. And this an apt comparison, as noblins tend to travel in groups. They seem to be nonbinary. And though rather aloof, they have been known to be helpful from time to time. In truth, more study is needed for us to really grasp the Way of the Noblin.

Hermit’s Page


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