Alpha Rockwell Gallery

Fairy Tarot Coloring Book

8.5″ x 8.5″ – 88 images to download, print, and color.

Alpha Rockwell Page at Twig & Hermit

The Kingdom of Burl lies very near the Earthly Realm, yet few Earthlings have seen it. The Kingdom is home to the magical folk known to some as imps, faeries or sprites: the same ethereal beings who often busy themselves in the Earthly Realm, aiding the emergence, growth, fruition and dormancy of the plant life there.

Within the Kingdom reside four estates, each in charge of a different group of plant life. Alliemeni presides over vegetable life. Julandula presides over herb life. Matustreg presides over fruit trees and berries. Tempoa presides over the grains.

Each estate is headed by either a king or a queen or such like, with various barons or duchesses about, as well. Though most of the delicate work, of course, is effected by the numerous dedicated and diligent faeries from each estate.

Year after year, season after season, the sprites from the Kingdom of Burl see to the flora of the Earthly Realm, providing the inhabitants thereof with sustenance, flavor and life.

To those few of the Earthly Realm who are acquainted with the Kingdom of Burl, the faeries are emblematic of the traditional Tarot, with the 4 estates aligning with the 4 Tarot suits and the magical friends and helpers aligning with the Major Arcana.

It is in this spirit that the supernatural beings from the Kingdom of Burl are herein represented.

It is their fondest wish that all who partake of this book find a renewal of their own spirits, as well as a renewed respect for the natural world.

Alpha Rockwell Gallery
Alpha Rockwell Gallery

Hermit’s Page at Twig & Hermit


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