Hermit’s Page

Many Worlds

From an early age, I loved drawing. I also loved Sesame Street, and when I learned what puppetry was, I wanted to make some puppets. And Animation. The Warner Brothers stuff, certainly, but also the United Productions of America (UPA), and Hanna-Barbera. And after seeing the Rankin Bass Rudolph, I became fascinated with stop motion animation. I discovered writing in there somewhere, and began writing fiction. Then Star Wars happened and I became obsessed with movie special effects and film making. Fantastical things. Imagining, drawing, making. Creating worlds. That’s really what I was trying to do. What I am still doing. Hermit Life.

Various types of art from Hermit’s workshop.

Making a Wizard Tunic

Aided by…

Practical Worksheet for Tunic Construction by Cynthia Virtue aka Cynthia du Pré Argent

It’s not fancy, but it is green. And along with the hat, it has definitely upped my spellcasting ability.

Making a Wizard Hat

Shout out to Zabzab of Craftgyver over at Instructables.

Since it’s my first wizard hat, I used fabric I already had – some faux leather stuff. Next time I think I’ll go for some fancy felt. And better lining. Though this one is pretty nice as is, I think.

Hermit’s first Wizard Hat

The World of Fizzle G. Wizard

D&D 5E Cartoons

In association with all the tomfoolery that goes on with creating content for D&D 5E.

Check out the Studio Olkiou Page.

Project Snowcap

A one-creator animated feature

Midwinter Adventure

Check out the Project Snowcap Page.

Barbarian Frog

Adventures of Gargh 1

Digital comic featuring ultimate fighting style.

Check out the NFTs Page Page.


Non Fungible Tokens

Blockchain makes digital artwork ownership possible.

Check out the NFTs Page Page.

NFTs at OpenSea

3D Printing

Elegoo Mars Pro

And some images of little dudes I’m working on. I build the objects in Blender first. The they go into Chitubox to prepare them for the Elegoo.

Check out the 3D Printing Page.

My Mini Factory is where I found my UV machine.


Digital Illustration

Concepts and characters.

Black and White

Fantasy illustrations with pen, brush, and ink.


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