The House Page

Built in 1882

By E. F. Brown

This old house is featured in…

Architecture of the Western Reserve 1800-1900 by Richard N. Campen

Published by Press of Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, 1971

AbeBooks here.

Incised stone lintel

And it’s the home where the Bowdler fruit and vegetable dynasty began somewhere around 1910.

photo ~ 1907-1909

According to local lore, we are the seventh owners of the house.

We will do our best to keep it standing.

Twigthorne Manor

Here’s a few photos of the place. We’ll get more images in here as they occur.

Summer 2021 : PORCH LIFE

I love to look out my kitchen window and see a pretty scene on the back porch. I plant my pots in mid-May with annuals that will put on a show all summer long. This year I went heavy on pinks! Pale pink calibrachoa, hot pink geraniums, burgundy verbena, magenta petunias and of course coleus in all colors.

Both Ginchy and Willa enjoy the back porch all summer.
This was actually from last year. I was very happy with how the coleus performed!

This is a great place to write, sketch and to drink my morning coffee. There are always birds singing, bees buzzing and trees doing their thing. Nature has such a calming effect. I must admit I am a very lucky person to have such opulent surroundings! I hope this inspires you to try and create your own oasis.

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