Victorian Wall Decor

Here’s my first pass at sprucing up the Twigthorne Manor parlor. Crown molding and a picture rail have been added. I kept them all white to match the existing trim, but I might experiment with something darker. Fun Fact: There is no difference between crown molding versus moulding — except for the spelling, of course.Continue reading “Victorian Wall Decor”

The (Virtual) Realities of Neo-Victorian Interior Design

In order to play around with some Victorian interior design ideas, I made a room in 3D (using Blender). This is the front room of Twigthorne Manor, which would have been the parlor back in the day. The room is currently carpeted, but I gave it some solid hardwood flooring, as one of our projectsContinue reading “The (Virtual) Realities of Neo-Victorian Interior Design”

Adventures & Bridges

Indian Trails & Smolen-Gulf The Ashtabula River, Smolen-Gulf Bridge, Riverview Bridge, Indian Trails Day. A beautiful nature spot. A beautiful day. Ashtabula is proud of its covered bridges. There are 17 driveable covered bridges in the county, though none are as large as the Smolen-Gulf bridge, which is the longest covered bridge in the UnitedContinue reading “Adventures & Bridges”