Zeitgeist DnD 5E

Just backed this bit of adventure over at Kickstarter. Brought to us by someone with an amazing Kickstarter track record. All this love for tabletop RPG is truly inspiring. From the Zeitgeist Kickstarter page… Morrus Southampton, UK Publishing since 2001, and veterans of over 20 successful Kickstarters totaling over a million dollars and a hard-earnedContinue reading “Zeitgeist DnD 5E”

You Can’t Handle ICRPG

Unless you print it out… Just picked up ICRPG from DriveThruRPG. What the heck is it? It’s one small but mighty part of the media empire that is @HankrinFerinale a.k.a. Brandish Gilhelm a.k.a. Runehammer Games. It’s a dietary supplement to your D&D 5E d20 fever dreams that bypasses the drudgery and sets you careening fromContinue reading “You Can’t Handle ICRPG”

Things Are Getting Dicey

RPG Dice Standard notation Probability mass function of a roll of 3d6 and probability density function of the normal distribution with the same mean and standard deviation. In most tabletop role-playing games, die rolls required by the system are given in the form AdX. A and X are variables, separated by the letter d, whichContinue reading “Things Are Getting Dicey”