Studio Olkiou – Conjuring Adventure

Current Project: An Animated Feature.

A re-telling of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest – in scifi form.

Utilizing Moho 13.5 from Lost Marble.

The production streams now and again on Twitch – Look for old_man_riesser

Studio Olkiou LLC

Producing animated content, using Moho 13.5

Conjuring Adventure!

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The Stage -Windows

Windows starting. Don’t get glue on your windows! Plus, let’s build a paper house why not.

I needed a spokesperson for Oath of Reliquary. Gotta get a paladin. This one here is not just any paladin, however. This one wears the Bracer of Vizinestra. Which can be achieved only by Lawful Good characters – who are paladins. Oath-taking paladins.

Oath of Reliquary Paladin
Oath of Reliquary Paladin

From the Studio Olkiou Instagram. Talkin’bout D&D.


What We’re Conjuring…

08/18/2021 – D&D 5E goodness. Actually Lawful Good-ness. We’re working on a new Paladin oath.

Oath of Reliquary

In exchange for allowing your deeds to be recorded for all time in the (maybe) Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia, the paladin receives the Bracer of Visinestra, which aides in the tracking and felling of Chaotic Evil creatures.


The World of Fizzle G. Wizard

This D&D Wizard spells smite with a ‘y’ (smyte).

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