Project Snowcap

eight-spoke wheel

Project Snowcap

The working title of a new 2D animated movie.

To be accomplished with Moho 13.5 animation software.

This page will be dedicated to the production, documenting every step of the process.

wheel of process

Story of Seasons

What’s our story about?

For some time now, I’ve wanted to do a mid-winter story that was a little different. Maybe a new twist on some traditional stories. I decided to venture into the realm of folklore and mythological stories, searching for something rustic and rural.

Something that spoke of primal forests. Elemental. Essential. Something hidden in the Turning of the Year.

And there will be elves.

wheel of the year

Screenplay Meaning

For our story all we need is a character who wants / needs to do something, struggles to either get it done or fail, and is somehow changed by the experience.

Just who that character is gives us the wants and needs and the changes.

The scaffolding that supports all the various events is known as your Story Structure.

Aristotle liked Pity, Fear, Catharsis. He also liked Beginning, Middle , End.

That’s three acts. There are plenty of ways to break these three acts into more manageable pieces, but your basically dealing with three acts.

Though, I like to divide act two and declare four acts. Then I figure out the seven, or nine, or twelve steps in those four acts.

Mostly what we need to do is put our protagonist through the wringer. It cannot be easy to achieve whatever it is they’re trying to achieve. Suffering. Lots of suffering.

Production Partners

You can help bring this unique holiday film to light.

Kingdom of Burl

A set of images based on tarot, featuring various fairy folk and friends.

And now…

Fairy Tarot Coloring Book

Is available for you to download, print, and color.

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