Yards of Tunic Wizardry

Actually, you don’t have to be a wizard to make a tunic. Though, if you’re going to make a long one, you do need to conjure up some fabric yardage. I scored some broadcloth for $1.99 a yard and bought 6 yards. I put this together with the aid of… Practical Worksheet for Tunic ConstructionContinue reading “Yards of Tunic Wizardry”


And, like, five more that are also good. Studio Olkiou wikipedia Apocalypse World Engine a.k.a. Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA) Mechanics Powered by the Apocalypse games are centered on resolving what characters do as Moves. Characters have access to a default selection of moves based on the expectations of the game setting. In the fantasyContinue reading “TOP 10 TTRPG SYSTEMS”

Goo in Four Dimensions

Studio Olkiou presents The World of Fizzle G Wizard. From D&D 5E SRD… Gelatinous Cube Traits Ooz Cube: The cube takes up its entire space. Other creatures can enter the space, but a creature that does so is subjected to the cube’s Engulf and has disadvantage on the saving throw.Creatures inside the cube can beContinue reading “Goo in Four Dimensions”


What I learned today (08/08/2021) in the TTRPG From DICEGEEKS, I learned about Archeologist Scott Smallwood, who likes real-world treasure hunting as well as role-playing games. In fact, I learned, Mr. Scott Smallwood makes role-playing games. Over at his Creative Spheres Studios. D&D Studio Blog By F. Wesley Schneider – 05/26/2021 Mr. Schneider is SeniorContinue reading “TTRPG QED 001”

Zeitgeist DnD 5E

Just backed this bit of adventure over at Kickstarter. Brought to us by someone with an amazing Kickstarter track record. All this love for tabletop RPG is truly inspiring. From the Zeitgeist Kickstarter page… Morrus Southampton, UK Publishing since 2001, and veterans of over 20 successful Kickstarters totaling over a million dollars and a hard-earnedContinue reading “Zeitgeist DnD 5E”