What I learned today (08/08/2021) in the TTRPG

From DICEGEEKS, I learned about Archeologist Scott Smallwood, who likes real-world treasure hunting as well as role-playing games.

In fact, I learned, Mr. Scott Smallwood makes role-playing games.

Over at his Creative Spheres Studios.

D&D Studio Blog

By F. Wesley Schneider – 05/26/2021

Mr. Schneider is Senior Game Designer for Dungeons & Dragons Wizards of the Coast.

How to Make D&D Scary.

It’s a fascinating read about RPG design as it tries to answer the question: Who makes it scary?

And over at BLEEDINGCOOL, I found a bit posted on July 16, 2021 by Gavin Sheehan about

Dungeons & Dragons Reveals Several Products For 2021

Which tells the tale of …

The Witchlight Carnival Dice & Miscellany and

Appearing Sept 21, 2021

By the way, The Wild Beyond the Witchlight also appears on this day.

WOC tags it:


(For those who have been living in a cave like, say, a HERMIT: Something Wicked This Way Comes is a 1962 dark fantasy novel by Ray Bradbury.)

The Witchlight Carnival, which serves as the means by which the characters enter the Feywild, can be dropped easily into any campaign setting.

I guess we’re gearing up for Samhain

By any other name list

And just because…

Samhain 2021 in Northern Hemisphere will begin in the evening of

Sunday, October 31

and ends in the evening of

Monday, November 1


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