Wednesday Adventure: Camp Peet

Camp Peet is one of the Ashtabula County Metroparks

Just down the road from Kingsville, OH next to the Creek Rd covered bridge is Camp Peet. Clara D. Peet dedicated this 65 acre oasis as a nature preserve in 1928. There is an old log cabin on the property and she was very supportive of the girl and boy scouts. Youth groups can still reserve a camping spot. The property has two miles of walking trails and fishing access to Conneaut Creek.

This place is a perfect place for a walk in the woods.

It was a beautiful day in June and I found myself saying WOW at every turn of my head as I wandered further down the trail. The old growth trees towered above us, filling the space with green and gold dappled light.

The hermit and I really appreciate the beauty of nature.
This could be a French Impressionist painting! How glorious!
Isn’t it wonderful to have a partner who shares your interests?

I could hear the river nearby, songbirds, chipmunks, and a far off woodpecker. Once I left the path in pursuit of a great photo, the Hermit was on his own. I thought later that we should have made a plan in case we got lost! But I was too excited to be practical. I followed a series of mowed areas surrounded by wilderness. They were labeled Campsite I, II and III. I took pictures, explored and kept moving.

I was meandering toward the creek. I wanted to wade and get some good shots of the water.
We had all the time in the world for quiet self reflection, meditation or just innocent wandering.

When I finally found the path that led to the creek, it was a drop off into the water! Not what I had envisioned. So, I turned back the way I had come, expecting to see the Hermit behind me. He was nowhere in sight! I had a moment of fear. Hey, I wonder if there are any bears in this wood. But I walked to the mowed campsites and found a large pavilion with lots of tables and chairs. A perfect spot to rest. It even had a restroom! There was a glass case with a map and info about Camp Peet. I saw a dragonfly and several butterflies going about their day. A wasp was checking out the pavilion for a future nest site. No sign of the Hermit…

Caught a glimpse of a large brown bird. Maybe a wild turkey.
Can you imagine having a wedding here? Fairytale theme, yes, please!

I went down another path and sensed a change in the humidity. A wetlands was coming up. I spotted a large brown bird on the path ahead of me. It hid in the underbrush, but I didn’t want to scare it. Where was my husband anyway? So I walked back to the pavilion, hoping to see him. There were no other people in the park. Just as I resolved to walk back the other way, there he came wearing his red Tshirt! An awesome color choice.

Great photo ops for trees, wildflowers, fungi and wildlife.

Not only is this place beautiful, but it is lovingly maintained by the Metroparks people. They had mowed the clearing and all the campsite areas so that it was welcoming and easy to walk and explore. We had a very good time – in spite of getting separated- and I would recommend this place for a secret rendezvous, picnic lunch or dog-walking spot.

Perfect place for fairy hunting!
Bringing a child on a nature walk is a great way to get them away from social media and engage with real life.
indulge your senses! Nature is my drug of choice.


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