Think You’re Formidable?

3D Print a table full of land to battle on.

Formidable Fronts
by Hexhog Tabletops

Hexhog Tabletops

is now LIVE
on MyMiniFactory Crowdfunding

Earlybird savings only last for 48 hours,
don’t miss out!

Welcome to Formidable Fronts,
the expansion of Hexhog Tabletop’s legendary Hinterland Hills!

Back now and get all the intricate modular hex designs you could need for your futuristic battlefront!

From Hexhog Tabletops:

About Us

We started Hexhog tabletops to bring inexpensive, modular hex-based terrain to the gaming community. We have worked on this system on and off for over 10 years – continually refining and updating it. This labor of love has involved many late nights in the garage and on the computer – but we are thrilled to share it with you.
We are excited to see what you build with it!


Evan and Matt

New Gun Metal Dice Sets

Check out Hermit 3D Print.


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