Clevanorm 3D Print

Making a Clevanorm.

Clevanorm may surprise you

Step 1 – build in Blender.

All parts selected

There are 8 parts to a clevanorm – two of which are antennae. Legs fit into slots on the underside of the body. Arms and Head have pins that fit into holes in the body.

Neck pin
arm pin

Separate all mirrored parts. Boolean Union the pins. Boolean Difference the holes. Export each part as a STL.

Right arm
No neck yet

Then it’s on to Chitubox for supports and slicing.

8 parts

Then have a go with Elegoo Mars Pro and Plant-Based resin.

Nice upshot

The first iteration was a bit small, so I scaled clevanorm up in Blender and re-exported.

Scale up.
clevanorm y soy

Assembled clevanorm stands 80mm to antenna tip.

Check out Hermit 3D Print.


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