When Worlds Collide

Or maybe it’s a Mind Meld – 3D Printing and Star Trek Role Playing Games.

So over at My Mini Factory, which is a great 3D Printing Marketplace, not only can you grab a Saru head to print, you can also pick up Star Trek Adventures Core Rulebook – $19.99 PDF.


“Star Trek Adventures finally corrects the injustice of not having a Star Trek game around at the same time Star Trek Discovery is ripping through TV sets and data streams…. the gaming experience feels exactly like Star Trek. Sit on the commander’s chair, take a deep breath, and engage. Star Trek is not just back; it is here to stay.” RPG.net review

Courtesy of Modiphius Entertainment.

Plus, there are minis.

ELEGOO Water-Washable Resin

There’s plenty of other Star Trek printables at MMF. And plenty of Star Trek Adventures Tabletop RPG at Modiphius. And some of these things are occupying two different spaces at the same time.

Kind of like these atoms.


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